Residential Roofing

Blackhawk Roofing Springfield Illinois
Blackhawk Roofing provides a complete range of residential roofing services, to help you deal with complex roofing issues. From initial job-walk to final project inspection, every phase of your project will be completed in accordance with our high standards. Superior craftsmanship is the hallmark of every Blackhawk Roofing project. Ask about our special discount for Senior Citizens. We offer every homeowner a Free Estimate, normally within 24 hours of your request.

Residential Roofing

Older Homes. There are four considerations which determine whether you can re-roof over an existing roof: local building codes; the condition of the framing beneath the existing roof; the fastening anchorage that the existing deck will provide; and the condition of the surface on which the new roofing will be applied. If the old roof is unacceptably deteriorated, the manufacturer will not honor their warranty. Proper installation is essential to roofing system performance. Valleys and eaves are a weak point in your roofing system. They should be protected with metal or premium roofing felt, according to manufacturer's specifications and industry standards.

Valleys should be installed with one-cut shingles, in a closed valley system. If valleys are installed properly, they'll last the life of your roof. If they are built incorrectly, they will have to be torn out and installed correctly. We make sure your roofing shingles are installed with the proper nailing pattern. The manufacturer's warranty is voided if the shingles are not nailed down properly.

Adequate ventilation should be designed and installed if necessary. Again, your manufacturer's warranty is void if the specified ventilation is not provided for your roof. Poor ventilation also can result in peeling paint, mildew, dry rot, insulation problems, and warped framing members. As professional roofers, we know how to best ventilate your particular home, in both summer and winter.

Residential Roofing in Springfield, Illinois

New Construction. From initial job walk to final quality control inspection, you can be certain that every phase of your project will be completed in accordance with your high standards, no matter how complex or large your project may be. Evaluating critical logistical issues, consulting all related parties, including material manufacturers, and familiarizing our crews with your job's unique requirements are just a few of the countless steps of your Blackhawk Roofing team. You will have confidence that Blackhawk Roofing will ensure that your job is completed on time, on budget and according to all of your specifications.

Project management takes more than just effective planning ... it takes resources! Blackhawk Roofing is equipped to mobilize dedicated crews, with specific application expertise and specialized equipment, to meet every one of your project demands.

Emergency Repairs

The future is unpredictable, but Blackhawk Roofing has you covered with roof repair and roof maintenance services. If your roof has been damaged, and you'd like to prevent further damage to your roof and home, be sure you work with dedicated roofing professionals who make emergency roof repairs their highest priority.

Storm and Hail Damage

You can't predict Central Illinois weather. All it can take is one strong storm to leave your roof in need of repair. Lightning strikes, tornadoes, ice storms, heavy snowfall, strong winds and hail storms can cause extensive damage. Blackhawk Roofing will work with your insurance company, assess the damage to your roof, and come up with a long-term solution that makes sense for your circumstances.

Roof Repair

When a leak threatens the integrity of your home or business, it can cause serious distress. Our emergency repair service provides a "right now" solution to your crisis.

One leak can trigger thousands of dollars in damage to items inside your structure, some of which may be difficult, if not impossible, to replace. With Blackhawk Roofing, you can count on a timely assessment and repair, to make sure your roof can protect your home as quickly as possible.

Repairing your roof (rather than a full replacement), can save you thousands of dollars, while extending the life of your current roof. With Blackhawk Roofing, you can count on a timely assessment and repair, to make sure your roof can protect your home as quickly as possible.

Blackhawk Roofing also does non-emergency roof repair work. We include a warranty for all of the work that we do. Just remember — when we repair one leak (or group of leaks) on your roof system, there is no guarantee that another part of the roof is not going to leak at some point in the future.

Repair Crews

All of our emergency repair installers receive extensive training. They arrive equipped with the experience to find the leak, the skill to repair it, and the ability to deal professionally with your emergency.

Selecting A Roofer

Selecting A Roofing Contractor
Since you're probably not an experienced roofer, it just makes good sense to work with a professional. You'll get great value and a quality roof when you select Blackhawk Roofing. Our installation crews are experienced at working with business owners and homeowners like you.
Get A Free Estimate
Owner Dan Schnell will personally visit your home or business, at your convenience. First, he'll take several measurements, and inspect your roof for underlying problems. Next he'll review options for roofing materials and warranty with you. Then he'll print out an Estimate. In less than an hour, you'll know the cost of your roofing project, and have your questions answered.
Building Your Roof
We'll dispatch a crew that is large enough to handle your job in a single day. We have a proven history of completing challenging projects, with quality craftsmanship, on schedule. We stay abreast of changes in technology and regulations, and we are dedicated to maintaining the expert teamwork that keeps our employees safe while on the job.
A Safe Work Environment
Blackhawk Roofing uses a variety of equipment and engineering techniques to provide fall protection for our employees. A combination of personal fall arrest systems and border flags or barriers are used to ensure employee safety.
Project Cleanup
When we're finished, we'll do a thorough clean-up of your property. From project managers to installation crews, every Blackhawk Roofing employee plays a vital role in your overall satisfaction. Our entire team shares our philosophy of always going the extra mile. We've got you covered.

Communities We Work In

Blackhawk Roofing is pleased to offer our roofing services to homeowners, commercial property managers, small businesses, government institutions, and non-profit organizations in over twenty-five Central Illinois communities:

  • Springfield
  • Chatham
  • Jacksonville
  • Rochester
  • Taylorville
  • Ashland
  • Athens
  • Auburn
  • Buffalo
  • Dawson
  • Divernon
  • Edinburg
  • Greenview
  • Illiopolis
  • Jerome
  • Kincaid
  • Loami
  • Mechanicsburg
  • Mt. Auburn
  • Mt. Pulaski
  • New Berlin
  • Pawnee
  • Petersburg
  • Riverton
  • Sherman
  • Spalding
  • Virden
  • Waverly
  • Williamsville