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Residential Roofing

Residential Roofing

We take enormous pride in our lengthy history with homeowners and property managers. Over the years, we've built new roofs and replacement roofs for thousands of customers in Central Illinois. We’d like to think they selected Blackhawk Roofing because we offer outstanding value and we're great to work with. For a Free Estimate, please send an email to Blackhawk Roofing, or call 217-741-6251.

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Blackhawk Roofing Residential Commercial Roofers

Roof Removal

When is the removal or "tear-off" of an existing residential roof required? The answer is straight-forward — or at least it should be. The common reasons for a roof tear-off are: 1) advanced age of the existing roof; 2) the build-up of too many roofing layers; 3) when it is necessary to remove any part of the roofing system that is wet below the roof surface.

There are occasionally other reasons to remove a roof, including local building codes, and the personal preferences of the homeowner, but these reasons come into play much less frequently.

Almost every roofing system manufacturer specifies that their system should not be installed over an existing roofing substrate that is wet. Installing a layover roof on top of a wet roof is a poor construction practice. Leaving wet building components in place compromises structural aspects of any roof.

There are several ways to determine whether there are areas of a roof that are wet. Thermal imaging is somewhat high-tech and more expensive, but is a highly effective method of locating wet areas. Taking core samples in areas that are likely to be wet is a quick, easy, and very low-cost way to know whether a roof is wet, merely damp, or dry below the surface.

The best way for homeowners to know whether their roof needs a partial or complete tear-off is to work with a professional roofing contractor like Blackhawk Roofing. Choosing a trustworthy roofing contractor to do the work is the best place to start.

For commercial roofing applications, Blackhawk Roofing specializes in single-ply flat roofing systems. We can add slope to existing flat roofs, and we offer energy-efficient insulation systems. We have trained technicians for the installation and repair of all types of roofing systems.

Roof Installation

With a new roof installation or roof replacement, getting it right the first time is critical. We’ve developed a comprehensive checklist of the questions you should ask any roofing company before you start a project. We believe in complete transparency in our process. Surprises are the last thing you want when installing a new roofing system. Whether you select Blackhawk Roofing or another company, make sure you ask the right questions.

Blackhawk Roofing can install roofs anywhere, anytime, and anyplace. This includes large or small houses, garages, apartment complexes, strip malls, hospitals, manufacturing facilities, aviation facilities, and more.

We use only full-time employees, to maintain superb quality. Our foremen and installers have received extensive training in the latest roof installation techniques. We adhere to all OSHA requirements and regulations. An unconditional warranty is provided on labor and materials, for each job completed.

After your installation is complete, Blackhawk Roofing will review our scheduled Roof Maintenance program with you. This offering is designed to reduce your repair costs. Our professional roof maintenance crew understands your roofing system, and can quickly identify any problems with your existing roof. Our scheduled maintenance program addresses the problems we see most often, and can be customized to fit your individual needs.

From project managers to clean-up crews, every employee plays a vital role in the overall installation of your project. While many roofing contractors rely on subcontractors, we don't. Everyone you see on your project works for Blackhawk Roofing. Our employees share our philosophy of always going the extra mile, to deliver on our promise of doing more. Our people, and the performance and professionalism that they deliver, are the reason why our clients recommend us again and again.

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