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Blackhawk Roofing, Residential and Commercial Roofing

Blackhawk Roofing, Residential and Commercial Roofing

A quarter-century of building Central Illinois

Blackhawk Roofing
Since 1994, Blackhawk Roofing has specialized in commercial and residential roofing, throughout Central Illinois. Our experienced workforce and state-of-the-art equipment lets us deliver the highest standards in quality, consistency, and efficiency for our customers.

Our Company

We are experts at building roofs. From the moment we began business nearly twenty-five years ago, Blackhawk Roofing has earned and maintained a reputation as the most trusted roofing contractor in Central Illinois. No matter what type of damage your roof has suffered, Blackhawk Roofing has a team available 24/7 to repair your roof. Request a Free Estimate today, and we'll be there tomorrow to measure your roof, and review installation and warranty options with you!

Blackhawk Roofing provides a complete range of services, to help you deal with the most complex roofing issues. We offer competitive pricing, a quick response time, and excellent customer service. Superior craftsmanship is the cornerstone of every Blackhawk Roofing project. Specializing in residential new construction, tear-offs, and restoration, as well as commercial roofing, repairs, and roof maintenance, Blackhawk Roofing is at the forefront of our industry in the greater Springfield, Illinois area.

When you choose Blackhawk Roofing you'll have peace of mind. We provide you with a roofing system that is watertight and worry-free. Each job is engineered to proceed smoothly, before we even start. We'll evaluate critical logistical issues, and familiarize our crews with the unique requirements of your job. A few extra steps make a big difference, and will ensure that your job is completed on time, on budget, and in accordance with your specifications. Our job is not complete until you are satisfied.

Blackhawk Roofing

Blackhawk Roofing, Springfield Illinois

Our People

You can be certain that quality workmanship, attention to detail, aesthetics, and efficiency (balanced with safety), are the focus of your roofing project, from start to finish. We know the success of your project depends upon our ability to employ the best people available. That's why we hire employees who take tremendous pride in a job well done. We offer our employees top pay, comprehensive training, and respect. Our employees understand that the race for quality has no finish line. 

Blackhawk Roofing uses only full-time employees, to maintain excellent quality. Our foremen and installers have received extensive training in the latest roof installation techniques. We adhere to all OSHA requirements and regulations. An unconditional warranty is provided for labor and materials. 

While many roofing contractors rely on subcontractors, we don't. Everyone you see on your project works for Blackhawk Roofing. Our employees share our philosophy of always going the extra mile. Owner Dan Schnell is often cited as the reason why customers choose to recommend us, again and again.

  • Free Estimate. We create a checklist for every estimate, so that our customers are well informed. 
  • Insurance. Blackhawk Roofing provides Workman's Compensation, General Liability, and Vehicle Insurance.
  • Warranty. No matter how large or small your job, a warranty is provided for all work performed by Blackhawk Roofing. We extend both labor and manufacturer warranties on all work.